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What is web design? In short, web design is everything that has to do with what your website looks like and how it functions.  Web design includes the designing and building of a website that pays special attention to the layout and structure, font styles, colors, images, graphics and the use of interactive features that creates a pleasurable and lasting impression on site visitors. Web design helps to make your business appear professional and credible online. Remember that “First impressions last”, which is why a professionally designed website is a must for every business. 

This is what Oasis Web Design offers as web designers:

Aesthetics, is the art of making something look desirable. If a business projects a good image, the client will already have positive connotations associated with that business. We therefore make use of a combination of color schemes, different layouts, images, interactive components such as graphics and beautiful fonts to create a lasting impression on website visitors. If you grab a website visitor’s attention straight away, you’re more likely to keep them interested and browsing for longer on your site.

Website ergonomics refers to the functionality of your website. It’s a basic cornerstone to web design that a website should work well without any broken links, but it is still surprising to see how many sites out there do not function properly. A good website is a website that flows. We hate websites with slow opening times or sites that are not responsive in all browsers and on all devices.

At Oasis Web Design, we guarantee that everything works as it should by giving you a third party site report after completion of your website. This will give you peace of mind that everything works and that nothing has been overlooked during the design process.

You can’t just throw a website together. There has to be a structured flow to it that will make sense to the website visitor. Many sites concentrate on content so much, that they forget about proper layout. If a website visitor cannot find their way through your quagmire of information, then all that information is wasted. At Oasis Web Design, we make sure that the content flows, and that the site can be navigated easily.

Content is king! There are a lot of factors at play when Google ranks your site organically, but maybe none more so than content. Your content needs to be original and informative and must be written by a human being that actually knows how to communicate with written words. It sounds weird that we mentioned it must be written by a human, right? But there are web builders out there that use automated software to write content for their sites. The problem taking a short cut like this, is that Google picks it up when content isn’t reader friendly and doesn’t appear “natural” and then they will obviosuly penalize your site for it.

Luckily we have a college graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences, who majored in Business Marketing. So where content is concerned, don’t worry. We have a professional content writer on hand to help you!


(for new websites /  re-designing your old tired site) 

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow

We stick with the guidelines of best practices as outlined by Google Developers, MOZ, SEMrush and others, thereby ensuring that your website is already optimized on-page and ready to be indexed and ranked from the moment we go live.

Our core foundations for ensuring a great website include:

  • SPEED – websites have to open fast, animation needs to be smooth and there should be no jagged scrolling. We make sure we tick all three these boxes.
  • INTEGRATION – our websites are not only fully responsive on any device or screen, but they also use the capabilities of the device it is browsed on.
  • RELIABLE – Our websites load instantly and and are always reliable, with 99,99% up-time. You won’t ever see “Server Down” error messages.
  • ENGAGING – Not only do we offer well-designed sites that flow and encourage the user to explore, but we also offer interactive options, such as Web Push and Notifications, if requested.


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