You’d think that web design is a pretty standard action worldwide, given the fact that we live in a global village and something like web design is completely internet based. If something is purely digital and online based, then surely there are some widely used industry-standard practices? Sadly no.

Budget plays a big part in deciding on who builds your business website and many small businesses make the mistake of using the cheapest possible option – just so that they can tell customers that they have a website. It’s great when people know about the website and you simply refer them, but it simply will not work to use a cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste type of website template.

The ultimate goal of any website is not just to convey information to visitors, but to actually draw more visitors. If you have a cheaply assembled product, it won’t do the job for long, if at all. In the case of websites, a poorly designed site will never rank and will NOT bring in new clients or leads.

Sadly, in emerging markets, such as South Africa (but even here in the States), small businesses and start-ups are ill-informed on the importance of a well designed website and therefore, many either build their own website (which is always possible), or they find the first, cheapest web designer they can lay their hands on. Some of these “cheap”, fly by night operations usually also offer SEO options, which can be disastrous for you business. Google is clamping down more and more on unethical black and grey hat SEO techniques. So, even though you might see some short-term benefits in your rankings, the mid- to long term results are not worth the money spent, as you’ll end up spending more money to have it all fixed.

Rather choose a trusted web design company that adheres to strict ethics and white hat techniques. An organisation, such as Web Integrity, ensures that its members adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that the client gets the best possible service when it come to web design, web development and SEO techniques and campaigns.

Naturally, we are a proud member of Web Integrity and strive to uphold it’s Code of Conduct and ethos. Another proud member is Digital Prospects, a small Digital SEO and Web Development Agency out of Johannesburg, South Africa. If you happen to be in sub-Saharan Africa and looking to solidify your online presence, get in touch with these guys to help you out. If you’re going to spend money on web design, web development and SEO, why not spend the money wisely from the start?

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